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Arturo Álvarez

Arturo Álvarez Leuchten in Berlin bei steidten+ erleben und kaufen. Lassen Sie sich in unserem Berliner Showroom mit 1000 m² inspirieren. Wir beraten sie gerne über die komplette Produktkollektion. Wir planen, liefern und montieren für Sie.

Arturo Álvarez is an established recognized creator both inside and outside of Spain, by his conceptual contributions to the world of design lightening. He was born in Pontevedra, Spain, in 1964. From the beginning, he develops an own style with strong personality. He handles shapes, volumes and light sources fluently in a simple and elegant way, masterfully mixing them and bringing a new vision of creative lighting, coming to conceive in the spaces surprising scenographic and light staging. Currently, he continues to explore different lines of work and expression.

In the early nineties, he gets interested in the flat glass and learns the techniques of stained glass and Tiffany for making lamps. He starts creating luminaries, from ancient techniques, but with a language of its time, contemporary, with Art deco and Art nouveau touches. Over the years he walks and identifies with the Bauhaus concepts of joining and reviewing shapes, volumes, prospects, and plans to a careful craftwork.

There are three defined times in the career of Arturo Álvarez. In the early years he explores and works with figurative concepts based on nature. In a second time he progresses toward abstraction exploring simple geometric shapes without abandoning references to nature, it appears the female body, a theme that is repeated and which he keeps on researching over the years. Arturo Álvarez is currently developing new forms of expression, with light as his guiding thread and with the human being and its relations as the main subject, with its lights and shadows, encounters and missed encounters, issues of concern and he deepens from different techniques.

In the last ten years, he has been conducting a comprehensive experimental and research work to develop his own materials that allow him a more creative freedom and expressiveness. He takes them out of their common uses, mixing them and transforming them into something new and unique. He creates and patents SIMETECH®, a translucent material which can be molded to obtain different textures.